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Natural body resetter 7R
5R is an all natural and specially formulated fiber , which has been proven to reduce belly fat in clinical study. Ingredient: Fibersol 380mg /capsule 300 Capsules/Bottle Direction: Taks 5 capsules 6 times a day with each meal. You may swallow...

7R,natural body enhancer, controls appetite and hunger. 7R gives your body to get balanced mineral which is very important part of metabolism. Ingredients: vitamin C 3mg, Calcium 264mg, Magnesium 165mg, Caffeine 65mg



9R Gold Package
9RGold Package

9R is an all natural and specially formulated resetter which has shown positive result in improving bowel movement as well as general well being. ingredients Buckthorne Bark 105mg Cascara Sagrada 100mg Cape Aloe 70mg Fennel Seed 7mg Ginger Root...

one month supply of 5R,7R,9R package including free online one to one consultation for a month. Best value to reset your body to lose belly fat by elbdiet. 3 bottles 5R: 900 capsules 1 bottle 7R: 60 capsules 1 bottle 9R: 120 tables